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Leather Sharpening Strop

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The Tommy Gun's Leather Sharpening Strop helps you keep your straight razor in perfect condition. This two-sided strop is a must have for the man that takes his straight razor seriously and wants a close and comfortable shave every time.

Who Is It For?
  • Anyone who uses straight razors
What Does It Do?
  • Keeps the razor in perfect condition
How Do You Use It?
  1. Hang your strop on a hook with the leather side up and pull it towards you.
  2. Lay the blade flat on the strop so that the cutting edge and the back both make contact. When using the strop, always move the razor towards the back of the blade, NOT towards the cutting edge.
  3. Pull the blade gently towards you. The blade should stand at approx. 30-40 degrees to the strop. Do not use too much pressure, and when you reach the end of the belt, roll the blade over the back of the razor and push it back towards the hook.
  4. Remember to keep the blade flat on the strop, this sharpens the other side of the blade. Repeat this 4-5 times, and your razor should be ready for work again.

The Brand

Tommy Gun's Barbershop have our very own range of premium male grooming products and accessories. From razors, sharpening strops, shave brushes and bowls, we have everything you need to enjoy a superior at-home shaving experience.