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Uppercut Deluxe

Clear Scalp Shampoo 240ml

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The ultimate in scalp clarity! Uppercut Deluxe Clear Scalp Shampoo is a specially designed treatment shampoo intended to reduce itching and flaking, while actively soothing the scalp. Clear Scalp contains Piroctone Olamine, a highly regarded active fungal fighting ingredient. Piroctone Olamine targets the root cause of irritation and flaky scalp conditions.

Finished with soothing moisturising agents, Uppercut Deluxe Clear Scalp Shampoo will leave your hair and scalp looking and feeling refreshed and clear.

  • Specially formulated treatment Shampoo intended to reduce itchy and flakey scalp
  • Contains industry-leading Piroctone Olamine
  • Contains soothing moisturising agents allowing for frequent use without discomfort
  • Fresh woods and pepper fragrance
Key Ingredients


Piroctone Olamine is touted as a miracle ingredient, widely praised by dermatologists and formulating chemists alike for its effectiveness against dandruff and scalp conditions.

Piroctone Olamine may help target the cause of dandruff rather than focusing on just removing it, helping to prevent future flakes.

On top of that, unlike some other commonly used dandruff fighting actives, Piroctone Olamine is delivered in low irritant system and does not have an oil removal element, allowing it to be used frequently without discomfort.