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Tommy Gun's Shave

Straight Razor Handle FS9520

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The Tommy Gun's Straight razor provides a close shave with less irritation and no razor burn. It also provides more control when shaving and doesn't get clogged like regular modern razors.

  • Doesn't trap shaving debris like modern razors
  • Less likely to cause in-grown hairs
Who Is It For?
  • Anyone who desires a closer, less irritable shave
What Does It Do?
  • Allows for a close, precise shave
How Do You Use It?
  1. Start with short, controlled strokes from the sideburns down, letting the razor's sharpness do the work
  2. Maintain the same technique on the chine and upper lip area, using short strokes with minimal pressure.
  3. Stretching the skin can help achieve a closer shave